Jon Taylor

Austin, Texas

Environmental Headshots

A headshot taken out of studio, in an environment that speaks to who you are and what makes you different.

A great headshot just works.

We see up to 10,000 images a day. Most of them we forget, but a few of them stand out. When your headshot isn't like the others, people look again. A good headshot is memorable, making the brand that it represents- your brand, stay with them.

An environmental headshot is different because it is all about who you are and what makes you different. By taking the time to capture that, light it correctly, and retouch it commercially, a headshot with Jonathan Taylor will take you to the next level. 


Our pricing reflects the painstaking attention to detail that Jonathan Taylor Photography brings to every shoot: Pre-shoot discovery, commercial level lighting, professional in-house retouching, and a willingness to accommodate most requests. We strive to keep services affordable while delivering next-tier results.

(Because gas is a thing, there are unfortunately additional costs for travel outside of the Austin area and for multiple locations at a distance of more than 5 miles between them. These costs are almost always low, because we drive a hybrid vehicle.)

2 Photos


Three is often enough. This can mean three outfits, nearby locations, and poses that fit your advertising needs. 

5 Photos


Taking the time to get 5 photos translates into more flexibility in usage. There is a reason this is our most popular package.

15 Photos


Our repeat clients often go for 10 photos so that they can book once a year and have a photo for every occasion. 

25 Photos


Large packages that often include marketing collateral shots.

Additional Photos for Any Package

$50 Per Photo

Need something custom? We've made it easy.

Extra Day of Shooting


Sometimes one day isn't enough for large projects. If this happens we charge for the additional days setup and teardown as well as incidentals at a flat rate. (Travel fees apply on a case by case basis.)


You are a work of art. 

Your headshots should be too. Send us a message and let's explore what makes you unique and how you represent your brand. 

We will write you back and chat about what you are looking for. No pressure, no sales- our motto is "every body matters". 

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